girl: babe come over
boy: I can't I'm having a threesome with an older couple
girl: my parents aren't home
boy: I know


A collection of some of my favorite illustrations from this semester in senior portfolio. I think I’ve made some good steps in developing a style for “complete” illustrations!


Some have said if cats had opposable thumbs, we’d rule the world. I believe we can do it WITHOUT them!

Hi, I’m Truffle, and when my friends at PAWS - Pet Animal Welfare Society of Norwalk, Connecticut said they were sending for the Shelter Pet Project Typing Lady to write my story, I said HAH! No need… after six LOOOOONG years in the shelter, I have taught myself to type!

Mostly I am buying catnip and caviar on the Internet, but in my spare time, I am developing a program to find homes for cats who have been overlooked due to SIMPLE MISUNDERSTANDINGS!

For example, just because I am 11 years old, does not mean I can’t purr, cuddle, and love just as well as a younger cat, and I’m a heckuva lot better behaved than a KITTEN!

Additionally, kitties who have been in the shelter the very longest of all the pets sometimes are seen as “damaged goods,” when in fact, we’re really just the most wonderful ones that people believe they are not worthy to adopt!

Another misunderstanding is that when you’re petting me and I suddenly grab your hand and bite you, it’s not because I’m mean; it’s because I got TOO happy! What’s more, it’s easy to learn how to keep that from happening, so we both get all the love we need, no teeth needed!

Which is good, because I had to lose most of my teeth due to a medical issue that is fortunately now well-controlled. ANOTHER misunderstanding being that kitties with medical issues aren’t awesome and lovable pes.

There are lots more, but those are the ones that apply to me, and that’s what really matters, right?

So, whaddya say? Now that I’ve learned to type, I’m really kind of sad and bored here in the shelter, and if I could come to your house, I would find life SO much more wonderful I might possibly give up on my quest for world domination, allowing humans to continue in their alleged superiority.

So if you won’t do it for me, DO IT FOR HUMANITY!

My info:

Desktop: http://theshelterpetproject.org/pet?id=12707590

Mobile: http://m.theshelterpetproject.org/petdetails?id=12707590

Adoption application: http://www.pawsct.org/catapp.php

Wanna chat? Call (203) 750-9572 or email at http://www.pawsct.org/write.php.

Love ya lots, Truffle

❝ Who hasn’t asked himself, am I a monster or is this what it means to be human? ❞

- Clarice Lispector, The Hour of the Star  (via firesfade)


they’re so cute aghhh


in honor of earth day, enjoy some pigs in grass


Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron concept art by Luc Desmarchelier (Part 2/19)


Bullseye was one of the best looking cobs I have ever had the pleasure to know. It’s been a while now, but this little man is sorely missed. 



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